For medical & esthetical professionals, schools, and companies in skin care

This new training center for skin experts is designed to connect all parties willing to combine their knowledge and their products with their practical application in a running clinic. Distributors of medical equipment willing to train their customers, doctors enhancing their skill in hands on training, corporate meetings discussing the practical impact of their products and services, schools in need of live demo’s for all kind of skin care techniques, designing feasibility studies for clinical trials in the field, developing research tools, and many more applications where the theoretical approach needs to be endorsed by the practical performance.



Skin care is a highly innovative field depending strongly on the training and skills of the skin therapists, transforming them into experts. Up to now, post graduation training is mostly held in congress halls and hotel facilities where only a theoretical training is possible. Live demonstration of new techniques is rare and mostly held in a remote clinical setting, restricted to the operational staff only. The congress hall and the clinic often have a visual and audio connection through Wi-Fi, resulting in a slow and troublesome connection. However, the distance between theory and practice remains.

Our Commitment
Our Training Center for Skin Experts offers the unique combination of a modern educational center and the facilities of a full-scale medical aesthetic clinic in one location. Not only is the distance abolished, hands on training in order to master a skill, becomes reality. The infrastructure is designed in such a manner that the newly acquired knowledge is immediately converted in the practice, becoming a newly mastered skill.

About us
This new venture started out of the need for the practical education of our staff members and in search of a suitable infrastructure to hold workshops for colleagues
in the field. As Dr. I. Karavani and his staff were in need of expansion, the clinic moved to new premises at the iconic BP tower in Antwerp. While designing the interior lay out of the facility with the architects, the bold idea popped up to allocate a substantial part of the clinic to educational purposes. Soon leading companies embraced the opportunity and the first meetings were held even before the completion of the works. The Training Center for Skin Experts (TCSE) is now looking forward to a bright future, providing the link between knowledge and practice in our field.

Conference room

Conference and Training room
  • Capacity for 25 people
  • Audio Equipment: Wireless Microphone(s), Speakers
  • Projector/Beamer
  • Laptop with Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • High-Speed Internet Connection
  • Coffee, tea, cold beverages, filtered water, biscuits, chocolates and cake
  • Flipchart and Pinboard

Medical Room

Medical Rooms (24m2 & 16m2)

Equipped for minimal invasive treatments

  • Clean bed covers and paper bed towels
  • Waste baskets & kleenex
  • Laptop
  • Broadcast to training/conference room


High Quality Visual Imaging room

Easily capture consistent, repeatable, perfectly registered facial images and motivate your patients with the excitement of 3D visual tools, side-by-side comparisons, and quantitative analysis. .


With the Vectra H1 3D by Canfield you can
show your patients the exciting possibilities of their anticipated aesthetic procedures using their own image

Profession Assistants

Medical assistants

Our Medical assistants can help you during your procedures and demonstrations. They perform basic patient handling on the premises, dispose of contaminated supplies, and sterilize medical instruments.
*Our assistants can not perform any clinical or invasive procedures.


Lounge Area

We have lounge area where you or your guests can sit, relax use the internet with complimentary coffee, tea or other refreshments.



Take a break and enjoy our delicious hot and cold beverages. Relax with lovely and healthy brain food, to improve your efficiency, your mental speed and your ability to concentrate, while lowering stress levels.



“Dynamism, professionalism and desire for perfection are the essential elements that characterize the TCSE team, which will ensure your event to be an immediate success!”

Maxime Salade, Country Manager – Silhoutte Soft


Maxime Salade, Country Manager, Silhoutte Soft
“In recent months I have had the opportunity twice to have a meeting with the European management team of Merz Pharmaceuticals in TCSE. Everything was taken care of in every detail and the hospitality of the TCSE team was great! It is often important to find a combination of a professional meeting room with a medical environment where our products can be used safely. Usually, either the one or the other available, but at TCSE: 2 in 1!”

Kristel Hectors, General Manager – Merz Pharma

Kristel Hectors, General Manager, Merz Pharma

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