Volumizers, Fillers & Smoothers

Fillers have been on the market for more than 2 decades. Starting with wrinkle fillers, we went subsequently to use volumizers, and now the 3rd era has begun: the full face liquid liftings, where a variety of fillers are combined to reshape the youthful appearance of the face. Yet three conditions must be met before this can happen on a wide scale: 1st a variety of fillers and volumizers capable to treat all areas and skin types; 2nd a comprehensive technique that is easy, safe, and capable of restoring the whole face and the skin in one session, and 3rd, an affordable price setting, since a larger volume will be injected. The SUCCESS filler concept is the answer to our new desires.

SUCCESS FILLER RANGE - TCSE | Training Center for Skin Experts

The 9 tools in the SUCCESS range have been chosen carefully for their different rheological properties.

The VISCOSITY determines the firmness and volume sustainability. Viscous products resist to compression forces and maintain the correction at all times. We call products with high viscosity volumizers, as their rheological properties are most suitable to correct deep volume.

The ELASTICITY determines the capacity to move along with the structures of the faces as a dynamic entity, and return at relaxation to the original position. This rheological property is responsible for the “lift” effect of fillers. We call products with high elasticity fillers, as their rheological properties are most suitable to correct wrinkles and superficial tissue loss on mobile places.

The FLUIDITY determines the spread of the product in the injected area. Highly viscous and elastic products do not spread well and can leave lumps if injected superficially. Especially around the eyes, the tear through and above the lips we wish to use a product with highly fluid rheology. We call products with high fluidity smoothers, as their rheological properties are most suitable to smooth the skin surface without adding volume.


At TCSE you will learn to understand the rheology of your product and the dynamics of the area in the face in order to match them seamlessly. Never again will we witness those hyper injected, bloated faces that are the result of lack of knowledge and bad tools. The end result of the “FACE 24 concept” is the key to a natural liquid face lifting at the highest level.